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GG Landscape

Home Garden Maintenance - Package A

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2 Gardeners (1 hour) - $150

Service includes:

1. Light Pruning
2. Weeding
3. Watering
4. Clearing of Debris (Only debris resulting from the above services)

* Transport and tools required to perform the above are included in the stated fees.

* Please upload photos of your garden/lawn.

The 1 hour will begin to count when our gardeners arrive at the location. On-site preparation work by our gardeners (i.e. laying protective layer) will be done before starting any gardening work.

Items that are excluded:

1. Water and electrical source to be provided by the customer on-site
2. Replacement, removal, and repotting of plants
3. Materials not mentioned above (e.g. soil / potting mix) will be provided by the customer

Shipping & Delivery

Purchased items - Delivery within 3 to 5 working days

Purchased service - To be processed within 3 working days.